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Ultrabox Merchanting Control System (UMCS)

Our Merchanting Control System has been developed to solve the lack of product control and analysis in most accounting packages.

  • Customisable to any industry
  • Multi-company support. You define the Business Relationships, UMCS looks after the inter-company and end-customer Ordering/Invoicing
  • Kits: Setup multi-part kits, link them to multiple customers
  • Product (Parts) can have many Suppliers, many Customers and can belong to many Kits
  • Single-screeen Multi-Part Setup
  • All-in-one Ordering (Purchase and Sales)
  • Automatic and Manual Invoicing/Credit Notes
  • Automated Links to Accounts Systems
  • Flexible Business Relationship Management
  • Security. Configurable, consistent, user-customisable security.
  • Multi-user. Consistent and safe record locking, allows multiple users to use the same features at the same time
  • Stock Management
    • Multiple Warehouses Supported
    • Barcodes & Mobile Scanners
    • Automatic Stock Level Management
    • Stock Take, discrepancies & reconciliation
  • Reporting
    • Email all Reports (Purchase Orders, Acknowledgments, Delivery Notes, Invoices
    • Export. Direct Export any data or reports, to Excel, Acrobat, Word, other databases
    • Instant Reporting from every Table
    • Customized Reports. Huge range of existing reports, using Business Objects (Crystal Reports)
  • Legacy System Data. We can import, transfer data virtually any database system.
Functional Areas
  • Order
  • Product
  • Places
  • People
  • Delivery
  • Accounts

Ultrabox Merchanting Control System-Order Display

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