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Ultrabox Merchanting Control System

We have created a series of video "walk throughs" to demonstrate the main functional areas of our Merchanting Control System.

  1. Creating a multi-part spec (8.5 Mbytes)
  2. Adding a new supplier (4.2 Mbytes)
  3. Adding a supplier for a part (3.6 Mbytes)
  4. Raising an order for a multi-part spec (3.8 Mbytes)
  5. Printing a purchase order (1.2 Mbytes)
  6. Printing a sales order acknowledgement (1.1 Mbytes)
  7. Adding a goods inward journey (2.1 Mbytes)
  8. Booking in goods on an inbound journey (2.0 Mbytes)
  9. Closing an inbound journey (2.8 Mbytes)
  10. Printing barcode labels for goods in (2.0 Mbytes)
  11. Planning a dispatch (2.6 Mbytes)
  12. Select stock for dispatch (2.3 Mbytes)
  13. Printing delivery notes (2.6 Mbytes)
  14. Closing a dispatch (3.2 Mbytes)
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